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hot water dip shrink tank
  • hot water dip shrink tank

hot water dip shrink tank

 high quality hot water dip tank shrink tank for meat

Shrinking Process

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Product Description

The MP-5060 water tank  is a semi-automatic hot water dip tank for higher output applications. Designed to be used in line with our BT series of belted vacuum chamber machines or as a stand alone unit, the MP-5060 hot water tank offers the performance you want in a dip tank. Maximum shrinkage is achieved by means of complete submersion in the temperature controlled water.
The touchscreen interface and PLC controls allow for simple adjustment and monitoring of current settings. Fully enclosed and sealed electrical boxes insure years of trouble-free operation and the stainless steel construction provides superior corrosion resistance.




how to operation the machine?

1.According to the power cord plugged into a power supply, and reliable grounding.
2.Press power,turn on the light,adjust and set the temperature:press Set ,press < switch the number position,press ∧ ∨ increase or decrease the number, sv means the set value,pv shows the current temperature. Attention:It takes about 10-20 minutes to reach the set temperature.
3.Adjust the time controller,set rise and fall time0 0 s 0 0 s The first group is fall time, 0-99 s adjustable, the second group is rise time, 0-99 s adjustable.
4.Switch to AUTO ,start auto-cycle mode,press Start,machine start working. Switch to Manual,press Start,machine start single cycle mode,if press Up and Down machine jog up and down.
5.When the water low to reach the warning level,the temperature controller stop working,meanwhile the light is shining. When you fill the water into the tank,it resume to work.
6.Press Emergency ,machine stop working immediately,press Start machine reset to the original position.

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