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dates palm automatic thermoforming vacuum packing machine multepak
  • dates palm automatic thermoforming vacuum packing machine multepak

dates palm automatic thermoforming vacuum packing machine multepak


fully-automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for dates palm with CE in flexible film(soft and rigid)  
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dates vacuum packaging in soft film

dates vacuum packaging in rigid film

dates processing line

 خط تعبئة التمور فاكيوم

حيث تعمل هذه الخطوط على تنظيف وفرز وغسيل وتجفيف وتعبئة التمور  مفرغ الهواء (فاكيوم) أو (الفله) , وفق أحدث المواصفات الأوربية.

dates oven

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Packaging Process


2017 automatic aquatic food thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Product Description

Thermoforming packaging machine is a bag making, filling and sealing multifunctional machine. Maximum durability. In response to the High performance multi-purpose machines. With a long list of specific devices developed to meet the needs of each product to be packaged, production requirements and pack specifications, these machine models can respond to all type of packaging needs.






  • Food: to prevent oxidation, mildew, insect borers and dampness; to maintain product freshness and to preserve flavor

  • Electronic or metal parts: to avoid dampness and prevent rust

  • Extend product shelf life

  • Nice appearance

  • Available for special applications


  • Date injecting, date thermal printing, labeling, 

  • Water cooling machine

  • Vacuum,Gas flushing,MAP(modified atmosphere packaging)

  • Metal Detector

  • Different brands pumps(Chinese or Germany Busch)

  • Conveyor

  • Multiheads speed weigher

  • different size and different materials





  Main Features



  • Cycle speed is adjustable by touch panel, easy to read and operate (with choice of multi-language)

  • Durable stainless steel construction

  • High efficient European Vacuum Pump

  • Forming depth is adjustable

  • Machine can be set up for clear and printed film

  • Fast, simple, easy change over for die sets

  • Safety measures conform to CE regulations


Machine Pictures



 thermoforming vacuum.jpgIMG_0689.jpg





 rollstock packaging.jpg


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2017 automatic aquatic food thermoforming vacuum packaging machine 


Pre-Sales Service

* mass process

2017 automatic aquatic food thermoforming vacuum packaging machine


* visit the factory

2017 automatic aquatic food thermoforming vacuum packaging machine








1. How should i pay for my order ? what is the procession of this purchase ?
     We accept TT by bank or other methods. You can do 30% prepayment at first, then we will start to make production.When the machine is ready , we will take pictures to you, and then you can do the balance.
I will send the machine to you after we got your payment.
2. How about your service after sales ? can your engineer speak fluent english ?
     We offer the service from you got the machine, including how to install the machine,how to use machine, how to let machine work.,and so on. Usually ,we will teach you how to do by email or by skype our engineer who has many years of experience for cnc machine service . he can speak fulently in english .so he can slove the problem in short time.
3. Are you a factory or trading company?
     We are the manufacturer . As only the machine made by ourself ,quality can be trusted, and most important thing is we can do better service after sales. we know how to fix the problem in each parts easliy. so welcome to visit our factory.
4. How long is the delivery time?
     For standard machines, it would be 5-7 days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to client s specific requirements, it would be 10 to 20 days.
5. How about the documents after shipment?
     Aftershipment,will send all original documents to you by DHL, including Packing List, Commercial Invoice, B/L, and other certificates as required by client.


Contact Us

if you want to know price and details please  contact viber/skype/phone/wechat/whatsapp     008618932209347 

Welcome to our factory!


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